Author: Stan Werrdesgin

Should I Get My Breasts Done?

I have been considering getting my breasts done for a while. This is a strange thought for some people because I already have ample size breasts. I am not however, happy with them. I would actually like to have the same size breasts, just lifted a bit higher. In addition, I also have very fibrous breast tissue, meaning that they are typically quite lumpy. This is not a quality that sexual partners usually find attractive.

Let’s get it straight though, it may not seem like it, but I am happy with me. The fact of the matter is, I work out all the time and do what I can to keep fit and look good. Breasts are not something that you can change by hard work and healthy living.

I have read up on all the literature, I know that with  breast enhancement surgery comes anxiety. Surgery should never be taken lightly I realize this. Additionally, I am concerned. What if it doesn’t come out the way that I imagine it will, I do not want this to be something that I regret. This is a substantial investment in myself and I don’t want to look back on it and wish that I had made a different decision.

I also wonder though, if the pros will out weigh the cons. I want to feel beautiful and attractive. As it is now, it seems like my breasts do not really match the rest of my physique and I think that cosmetic breast surgery can fix that. I have seen breast that have been augmented and have yet to see a pair that didn’t look great.

I think that I am going to make the choice to have the surgery done and I am confident that it is the right choice to make for me and my situation.

About Getting Breast Augmentation

If I were to consider a breast augmentation or cosmetic breast surgery, then I have to consider the positive and negative side of it. I got to make sure if this is a right decision for my body and me in general. The only way for me to make this decision is to figure if it will benefit me in the long run. It really is a major decision, especially when it comes to my health. There have been negative effects that have occurred to others who have tried this type of surgery to a point that it affected their health in a major way. However, there are those who never had problems with their implants. Plus the need to find a good Cosmetic Breast Surgeon.


The positive side about having breast augmentation is that it will enhance the appearance of my body. My clothes will definitely look better on me. I will gain more confidence within myself. It will definitely give me more attention when I walk into a room. I will most likely not have any trouble getting a date. I will not be self conscious when it comes to wearing bathing suit in public or wearing any revealing outfits because I gained a cleavage.


The negative side about getting cosmetic surgery is the side effects of it. There is a good chance that my body will end up rejecting the implants. The downfall of that is it will give me health issues. It will most likely cost more harm than good. The other negative side to this is that I will most likely require having surgery every six years to replace the implants. That is the major negative side to considering this type of surgery. And that is definitely something I need to think about. The minute you go through any surgery that requires to expose your insides is a risk in itself.