Should I Get My Breasts Done?

I have been considering getting my breasts done for a while. This is a strange thought for some people because I already have ample size breasts. I am not however, happy with them. I would actually like to have the same size breasts, just lifted a bit higher. In addition, I also have very fibrous breast tissue, meaning that they are typically quite lumpy. This is not a quality that sexual partners usually find attractive.

Let’s get it straight though, it may not seem like it, but I am happy with me. The fact of the matter is, I work out all the time and do what I can to keep fit and look good. Breasts are not something that you can change by hard work and healthy living.

I have read up on all the literature, I know that with  breast enhancement surgery comes anxiety. Surgery should never be taken lightly I realize this. Additionally, I am concerned. What if it doesn’t come out the way that I imagine it will, I do not want this to be something that I regret. This is a substantial investment in myself and I don’t want to look back on it and wish that I had made a different decision.

I also wonder though, if the pros will out weigh the cons. I want to feel beautiful and attractive. As it is now, it seems like my breasts do not really match the rest of my physique and I think that cosmetic breast surgery can fix that. I have seen breast that have been augmented and have yet to see a pair that didn’t look great.

I think that I am going to make the choice to have the surgery done and I am confident that it is the right choice to make for me and my situation.

Posted on: August 7, 2012, by : Stan Werrdesgin

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